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Analytical articles on each Baltic country - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – about the business environment and key economic indicators.
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    1. Foreign investments in Latvia

      Foreign direct investment in equity, reinvested earnings and other forms of capital has grown rapidly since Latvia regained its independence in 1991 until the rates of growth slowed because of the financial crisis. However, in the first nine months of 2011, the volume of foreign direct investment was almost three times higher than the total foreign direct investments in all of 2010. The lion’s share came from Russia and the CIS, facilitated by changes in the Law on Immigration, which allowed for
    2. Business culture and ethics Latvia

      However, when greeting a Latvian, you just say the word lab-dien, which means “good afternoon” you will see the shine in their grayish blue eyes! Showing respect towards the Latvian language, which is one of two Baltic languages from Indo-European language branch, which is still alive, will open the heart of the most reserved Latvian.
    3. Stock Market in Latvia

      The Latvian securities market, though it is the smallest in the Baltic countries, nonetheless has the preconditions for successful, profitable trading with the shares of various companies
    4. Business environment in Latvia

      Latvia has set ambitious goals: in two years, it will be among the most competitive countries in the world with a favorable business environment and competitive taxes on labor in the Baltic region.
    5. Real estate market

      Even though the real estate market has not recovered from when the bubble burst, there have been some positive signs over the past year. Most of the talk about the real estate market is about stabilization, with stagnation mentioned less often.
    6. Latvian Labor Market

      The level of unemployment and its structure
    7. External trade of Latvia

      Latvia’s export of goods in 2011 showed the highest volumes in six years and one of the fastest export growth rates in the European Union (EU) for the second year in a row. Experts compare this to a fast sprint that will get even faster in 2012.
    8. Tax System of Latvia

      The tax system of Latvia is not the simplest one, however, it cannot be considered as very complicated in comparison to the old EU Member States. Problems hitherto have been created by protracted changeability in the tax system, which the government has promised not to allow in the.
    9. Economy of Latvia

      It took a little less than five years for Latvia to move from being the fastest growing economy in the EU to the fastest shrinking and then back to fastest growth again. This time the drivers of growth are different.
    10. About Latvia

      Republic of Latvia is located in the north-eastern Europe. It is washed by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga. In the north Latvia borders Estonia, in the east – Russia, in the south-east – Byelorussia, and in the south – Lithuania. The total length of the land border is1368 km, and the sea border – 498 km. The capital of Latvia – Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States.
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